Appointment locks

Setting an Appointment Lock will restrict what if any changes others can make to the appointment. There are three different types of Appointment Locks:

Partial LockOthers can only adjust the clients scheduled or on the appointments waitlist. They cannot for example reschedule or delete the appointment.
Full LockOthers cannot make any changes to the appointment.
Administrator Full LockOnly administrators can make changes to the appointment.

Others refers to anyone that is not the person that locked the appointment, not the owner of the calendar the appointment is on, and not an administrator. Administrators can always edit all appointments.

It is recommended that Appointment Locks be used only selectively to address workflow issues and not as a general practice. Cases such as a workshop were several staff members are scheduling clients into the workshop, or a staff meeting, to prevent a user from inadvertently deleting it from everyone’s calendar are good candidates for an Appointment Lock.

To set an Appointment Lock, click the padlock toolbar button in the top right corner of the appointment dialog box.