Active Agenda cheat sheet

Schedule an appointment

  1. In day, side-by-side or week view, find the time on the calendar you want to schedule
  2. Click on the start time and drag to the end time (e.g. 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM)
  3. Right click on the selected interval now highlighted, and click “New Appointment”
  4. Click “Categorize” and select the appropriate categories for the appointment
  5. To attach a client record to the appointment, click the “Clients” tab and then “Add client…”
  6. Find the intended client(s), check the x under “Scheduled” and click OK. If the client is not listed, click “New client…” and add them first
  7. Click Save on the appointment dialog box

Remember: Categorize your appointments! It color codes the appointment and enables more effective searching and reporting.

Remember: Add clients to appointment using the “Clients” tab instead of typing their name in the summary.

Confirmation calls & other client communications

  1. Right click on an appointment you want to confirm with the client, select “New communication”
  2. Select the result (Answered, Left message etc)
  3. Select the status if applicable (Confirmed, Cancelled etc)
  4. Check “Update appointment with this status”
  5. Click OK

Attended or no-showed?

Once the appointment has occurred it is important to record if the client attended or no-showed. How this is done depends on how many clients are attending.

For a single client appointments:

  1. Open the appointment by double clicking
  2. Click “Status/Outcome”
  3. Select applicable Outcome
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Save

For multi-client appointments (workshops etc.):

  1. Open the appointment by double clicking
  2. Click “Clients” tab
  3. Right click on the applicable client
  4. Select Set Outcome >> <applicable outcome>
  5. Click Save

Tip: You can also set the Outcome by right clicking on appointment >> Status/Outcome.

Viewing a client’s appointment history

  1. Search >> Quick search >> Set Search to “Clients” >> type client first or last name
  2. Double click client record in search results to open Client dialog box
  3. Click “Appointments” tab

Tip: You can also open the Client dialog box from the Appointment dialog box. Click on the “Clients” tab, right click on the client >> “Client details”.